DC Metro

With NexTrain DC Metro app you can schedule your DC Metro ride with a convenient way of looking when is the arrival/departure of next train of all the lines at your current station. It will help you plan ahead your trip and gives your essential information like DC Metro outage, advisors, parking information, weather, etc., The goal is that you never miss a Metro train as well as plan your trip minute by minute. It also has the official DC Metro map for your convenience to know your transfer stations. NexTrain, District of Columbia Metro, WMATA

  • From home page you can tap on all stations to see the all the stations and from there you can tap to your station to see the live DC Metro train arrival times.
  • From home page you can tap on to see the DC incidents information.
  • From home page you can tap on Metro map to see the official metro map image to look for transfer points and all other information.
  • From home page you can see the weather conditions

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