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AbhayaSoft provides a broad range of IT Security Services. We take an integrated approach where we start addressing the Security aspects right from the inception of the Project. Our Services include vulnerability and risk analysis and management, IT security plans, and IT security assessments.

AbhayaSoft IT security services are designed to help clients prepare for best practices and respond to security incidents. AbhayaSoft consultants possess Enterprise IT security implementation experience and certifications in the IT security areas such as CISSP, CISM, CISA, etc.

AbhayaSoft delivers profound consulting experience in the IT security services areas of Application Security, Risk Management, Incident Response, Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure/Network Security, Vulnerability Assessments, and Certification & Accreditation.

AbhayaSoft's Risk Management deliverables will include risk analysis document; risk register which will comprise of detailed listing of vital assets, threats, vulnerabilities, mitigating factors, threat probability, impact, remediation alternatives and costs; and corporate risk management roadmap which will provide a long term roadmap of the company's risk management strategy.

AbhayaSoft's staff has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of Disaster Recovery Systems. We will design a comprehensive DR solution and work with the Customer to implement, test and deploy the solution.

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